„If you can say it,
you can play it“

You are all welcome – regardless of your previous knowledge.
We communicate – almost without words – with drums.

„I think I’m completely unmusical…“

I hear that again and again, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. We don’t do competitive sports here and have a lot of fun!

Drumming with djembés, bass drums + small
accompanying percussion instruments

Or would you prefer bongos, congas, claves? In the „Klangzentrum Wesermarsch“ you are spoiled for choice.

Whether you’re drumming for the first time or already have experience – we are having fun in our DrumCircle.
Looking for competition? – there might be better places to go.
We could even take the occasion to reduce aggression – if we had any… Or just take the opportunity to express ourselves on numerous different instruments. Loud, quiet, unanimous, polyphonic.

Ideal for getting to know:

DrumCircle | Open offer

Every 1. Thursday
at Klangzentrum
Without appointment.
Everybody is welcome.

from 6:30 p.m

Djembés are available.
Bring your own instrument if you like.

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