Soundjourney – open offer

Without registration – Simply participate spontaneously.
We have space + can comply with the distance rules.


Meditative sound journey

Every 1st tuesday of the month from 6:30 p.m.
You may bring along with you: ​​pillow, blanket, comfortable clothing

You are invited to feel free like a bird on a journey, accompanied by different sounding instruments – played live.

We determine the destination ourselves, decide where this journey will take us – where our very own favorite place is – and we can do it without worrying about route planning or getting on a plane.
We might take our individual backpack with us on this trip, but maybe it feels a little easier to carry for a while.

“It was very relaxing: I completely forgot where I am!”

Comment of a participant:

Always a new composition

In each sound journey, the instrument playing the main role can be reassigned.
Various instruments accompany meditatively.
Gong, handpan, RAV drum, singing bowls, chimes, sansula, monochord, kalevala, ocean drum, frame drum, vocals, and much more…
Link zur Sound-Bibliothek

Next event:

Tuesday 5th of April from 6:30 p.m, at Klangzentrum Wesermarsch




Please, bring your favorite pillow and a blanket

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